Slave Positions

As a helpful hint, to get a feel for the emotions that are felt by a slave girl in these positions, and to help you better describe the positions, try practicing these positions in front of a mirror, wearing a short but loose silk blouse. Notice how these positions display your beauty and grace. The feeling of being a totally owned and submitted slave can be overpowering. The joy and freedom of being a bound slave burns in your belly and the Masters love seeing a slave girl kneeling at his feet.
Tower slave position kneels body erect....head up..eyes lowered..chest out....thighs parted....tummy in.....hands on thighs palms down or crossed over her heart. This position is used by white silk slaves, slaves reserved for their Master's use, and for kneeling before a Mistress.
Karta position used when entering a tavern or inn, or to make a request of a Master. Kneel in nadu then press your head to the floor, letting your hair spread out, your bottom high in the air, arms reaching forward with palms pressed to the floor.
Nadu Similar to tower, but much more exposed and open to a Master. Knees and thighs are widely parted, hands are on your thighs, soft palms open and facing up, back gently arched thrusting breasts forward and up. The slave is exposed and open to the Master's gaze or touch as he pleases.
Submission kneels,she bends at the waist, she places her cheek to the floor, she takes the Master's right foot and places it upon her neck, she places her arms behind her back, crossing them at the wrist. (Many months ago, a girl named spirit entered a gorean channel, she performed this position for her owner at that time, this position had never before been seen on GOR. Submission has become an accepted position in the Gorean community as it shows submission and complete and absolute trust in the Master, he could easily break a girl's neck with his foot.)
Gorean Bow kneels in nadu position, she bends her body backwards, her head to the floor, she places her hands by her head, and pulls up into a back bend. (this position is very painful to maintain for longer than 5 min)
Leasha Low kneels, her back to her Master, with her chin lifted and head turned to the left, offering her collar for leashing. Her wrists are behind her back, ready, if needed to be snapped into slave bracelets.
Bara lays face down on the floor her hands behind her back ...wrists crossed...legs straight ...ankles crossed ...head left ...ready to be bound. The girl does not break this position until told to by the Master.
Belly falls to the floor face down ...forehead resting flat on the surface ...arms at her sides ..legs widely spread ...she crawls to the Master on her belly
Obedience lays face down before the Master ...placing her soft cheek against his feet ..kissing them lightly
Sula lays on her back on the floor ...her hands at her sides palms open and up ...her legs are spread widely apart...ready for sex or bondage or control
Sula-Ki lays on her back on the floor ...her hands at her sides palms open and up ...her legs are spread widely apart...ready for sex or bondage or control ...she lifts her hips off the floor slowly for the Masters pleasure
Leasha High legs parted ..back erect ...and wraps her hands behind her back ready for to be braceletted ...holding her shoulders straight... her head up and turned left ..ready for the leash
Hair bows at the waist her long hair falling forward to be used for any purpose that pleases the Master
Leading Position walks behind the Master, places her hands behind her back, crossed at the wrist, and puts her head to Master's hip
Bracelets stands beautifully as a slave girl ...her hips turned ...back erect ..wrists behind back and crossed ...head left ..ready to be braceletted
Inspection stands and lifts her arms above her head elbows bent slightly, wrist crossed, tilting her head back and licking her parted lips, she turns her hip to her master and bends her knee slightly, her head turned to the left offering her collar as well.
Display Stand with legs slightly parted, enough for a hand to be placed between your legs, standing on the balls of your feet with your back and legs straight. Your chin level to the ground, eyes lowered in respect and submission and cross your wrists behind the small of your back.
Table goes to all fours, her back straight, her legs parted, hands perpendicular to her body, palms flat upon floor, her hair pulled off over the left shoulder. (the slave may now be used as a table or foot rest)
Slaver's Kiss to the floor on all fours ...her head lowered to the ground ...buttocks high in the air ...thighs widely spread ...her slave's heat exposed
Classic Gorean Sex position moves to her hands and knees ..her legs parted widely ...her head straight ...she remains motionless waiting for the Master's command and pleasure
Shesleen/Hesleen moves to her knees and elbows...her hands interlocked over her head.... her buttocks in the air...ready for either being beaten on the buttocks or being taken from behind like an animal (this position is used to punish slaves and not bring pleasure to them.. It treats her like a receptacle to be used by the Master as he will.)
Whipping Position kneels in nadu.....head to floor, arms stretched out in front..crossed at the pulled over the head
Slave lips turns her head up to the Master ..she puckers her lips ...and remains motionless unable to move until his kiss releases her
Master's kiss takes her hair in his hand and yanks back her head hard as he pulls back on her hair exposing her neck and face to him. He attacks her lips with his own kissing her passionately and powerfully, taking her top lip in his teeth he bites down on it and then takes her bottom lip and sucking on it bites down on it as well as he continues to kiss her.. He then kisses her exposed neck. and drags his tongue across her neck

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