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#Ship-of-Acquisition, a Safehaven on Gor

Tal and well come:

Welcome to the homepage of the Ship-of-Acquisition. The ship is located on a hillside located 8 pasangs from the City of Koroba on the planet Gor. The Ship of Acquisition was found on December 20, 1997 by a group from highcastle2.

Our ways are based on the novels written by John Norman. The planet Gor is a counter-Earth, it circles the same star as the planet Earth, in the same orbit as Earth. The men of Gor are bound by a code of honor. Under the Gorean philosophy, men are biologically superior to women, and women are naturally in their rightful place as collared slaves, property of their Masters. A slave's purpose is to be pleasing to her Master. In her bondage she finds herself free to be totally feminine. Masters with honor value their possessions, their slaves.

Gor is not fair, and life can be difficult, but it can also be very rewarding and fulfilling. The people of the Ship-of-Acquisition are devoted to sharing their love of the Gorean ways with those new to Gor. Feel free to ask questions, the only stupid question is the one not asked.

We hope these pages provide you with helpful information as you begin your journey of growth on Gor.



"Who knew to what heights I might raise the chair of Bosk?"

HUnters of Gor, page 84 (for the first utterance)



The world of Gor is based on integrity and a philosophy described by John Norman in his books. However, here on Earth, and the world of on-line interaction, not all who have access to the chat networks hold integrity and honor dear. This link is provided as a warning, a reminder, of what can happen when you let your guard down.Click here.

On October 29, 1998, Master DalamarOsis,one of the first to call the Ship of Acquisition home, passed away suddenly. A memorial website is being maintained for his family. His family has asked that in lieu of gifts or flowers a donation be made to the American Lung Association in memory of Stuart Bolton.


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All are invited to submit their writings and I will place them in the Writings section, send them to Send E-mail. Let's have fun and enjoy our Gorean culture !!


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